Tiki Drinks for the Beginner

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Tiki Drinks for Beginners

Tiki drinks have always looked like a lot of fun, but frankly I never knew where to start. The stuff of 50s kitsch and pop culture, they seemed to be as mysterious as the question Who Created the Mai Tai?.

Well after a little research and experimentation, Tiki drinks are still just as cool but a little less mysterious.… Read More ...

Herb Cocktails

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Herb Cocktails: A Beginner's Guide

Fresh herbs and vegetables may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cocktails, but herb cocktails have recently been getting quite a bit of press as the warmer weather arrives. So as an occasional gardener and cocktail novice I recently volunteered to do a brief presentation for our local community garden on herb and veggie cocktails.… Read More ...

Hump Day Happy Hour: The Daiquiri

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Hump Day Happy Hour: The DaiquiriTonight we say “Screw this fiendishly foul weather!” by introducing ourselves to the sunny Daiquiri. Certainly those of you that live in a warmer climate may chuckle at my discomfort, but I need a dose of warmth and the classic Daiquiri is the prescription for my ailment.… Read More ...