What Are Bitters?

standard March 29, 2016 Leave a response

A flavoring agent used to balance cocktails, bitters are an infusion of things like fruit peels, tree bark, roots, and flowers with high-octane alcohol. Described as a nonpotable ingredient (as opposed to potable digestive bitters, like Campari), Bitters has recently come to the forefront of contemporary cocktail culture.… Read More ...

How to Make Ginger Beer

standard October 9, 2014 4 responses

How to Make Ginger BeerSpicy and fragrant, ginger beer adds a dose of exotic flavor to every cocktail it touches. Familiar due to its relation to Ginger Ale, it has a much more pungent flavor ranging from mildly tangy to downright spicy.

I fell in love with ginger beer when some friends introduced me to the classic Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail and I’ve been a fan ever since.… Read More ...

Grenadine Recipe: Quick & Easy

standard August 14, 2014 2 responses

Pomegranates Make GrenadineIf you’re like me you’ve always thought about grenadine as a super-sweet, cherry-flavored flavored syrup better known for its presence in non-alcoholic drinks than cocktails. And as any hard-drinking twelve year old will tell you, its color is anything but natural.… Read More ...