Fourth of July Cocktails

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Fourth of July Cocktails

The days are longer, the temperature is higher and Independence Day is upon us once again, but as you get ready to celebrate, I have a couple Fourth of July cocktails you’re sure to enjoy.

Certainly the efforts of our forefathers are worth more than cheap keg beer or punch served in disposable cups, so I invite you to create a few fireworks of your own with a couple of my favorite patriotic drinks.… Read More ...

Valentine’s Day Cocktails: My Favorites

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Valentines Cocktails

Well the day of romance is upon us once again and while hearts envelop us my mind wanders to the thought of Valentine’s Day cocktails. Yes it’s the day of love, Amour. France, I did go there once but all I got was cheese and bread though 😉

So as we’re flooded with commercials for jewelry, chocolates and red roses, romantic drinks are really what sets the mood for what everyone so desperately seeks on Valentine’s Day… Me, what ev, I prefer to enjoy a valentines cocktail.… Read More ...

Dry Ice Cocktails for Halloween

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Whether you’re hosting your own holiday bash or just having a few friends over, dry ice cocktails for Halloween will take your event to another level. We’ve all seen the bubbling concoctions on the late show, but I’ve taken some time to figure how you can make that easily happen at home.… Read More ...

Hump Day Happy Hour: Eggnog

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Eggnog - Humpday Happy Hour!Tis the season for holiday merry-making and in honor of Christmas Eve I decided to investigate the mystery of Eggnog. Despite its constant presence in holiday films and humongous grocery store displays, I’ve never been all that impressed… until now.

Sure, I’ve explored the contents of a few cartons of grocery store eggnog and while I’ve found that Luzerne brand is the best, it’s still not all that great…

What is Eggnog?

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