Cocktail Garnishes: The Basics

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A delicious cocktail is a beautiful thing, but an attractive one is something special. Adding visual interest and even a touch of style, cocktail garnishes are a standard component to most mixed drinks. In this post I’ll cover basic cocktail garnishes to help you take your drinks up a notch at your next home happy hour.… Read More ...

Classic Cocktails with a Twist: The Whiskey Sour

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One of the best things about classic cocktails is their basic simplicity. For all the complexities, experiments and outright abuse that modern mixologists may put them through, these simple drinks still have a wonderful balance and depth of flavor. But better yet, classic cocktails are incredibly versatile and in this post I’m going to show you how to make a Whiskey Sour and its delicious cousin the Ginger Tea Sour.… Read More ...

Cracked Ice: It’s All Technique

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Cracked Ice: It's All Technique

Understandably the ice cube is the first option for chilling cocktails for most aspiring home bartenders, but I’m here to tell you that in some cases that would be a big mistake. Sure liberating a few cubes from that antique you call an ice tray is easy, but cracked ice is often the best option

As I explained in my previous post Cocktail Ice: 3 Basic Types, ice is much more important than simply chilling spirits; it also impacts the flavor, mouthfeel, strength and the appearance of your cocktails.… Read More ...