What Are Bitters?

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A flavoring agent used to balance cocktails, bitters are an infusion of things like fruit peels, tree bark, roots, and flowers with high-octane alcohol. Described as a nonpotable ingredient (as opposed to potable digestive bitters, like Campari), Bitters has recently come to the forefront of contemporary cocktail culture.… Read More ...

Irish Whiskey: An Introduction

standard March 15, 2016 2 responses

St. Patrick’s Day approaches and as everyone’s attention focuses on leprechauns, green beer and Irish Potatoes, mine drifts toward Irish Whiskey. Sure green beer has a place at any Irish celebration, but it’s the good whiskey that really makes it a party.… Read More ...

Cracked Ice: It’s All Technique

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Cracked Ice: It's All Technique

Understandably the ice cube is the first option for chilling cocktails for most aspiring home bartenders, but I’m here to tell you that in some cases that would be a big mistake. Sure liberating a few cubes from that antique you call an ice tray is easy, but cracked ice is often the best option

As I explained in my previous post Cocktail Ice: 3 Basic Types, ice is much more important than simply chilling spirits; it also impacts the flavor, mouthfeel, strength and the appearance of your cocktails.… Read More ...

Cocktail Ice: 3 Basic Types

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Ice Cube Basics

No matter your level of expertise, cocktail ice is the one ingredient that home bartenders most often overlook. Sure, we all focus on our special liquors, mixers and garnishes, but cocktail ice performs more than one function; it chills, it dilutes, brings different flavors together and mellows an otherwise strong alcoholic base..… Read More ...