Tiki Drinks for the Beginner

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Tiki Drinks for Beginners

Tiki drinks have always looked like a lot of fun, but frankly I never knew where to start. The stuff of 50s kitsch and pop culture, they seemed to be as mysterious as the question Who Created the Mai Tai?.

Well after a little research and experimentation, Tiki drinks are still just as cool but a little less mysterious.… Read More ...

The Singapore Sling

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Singapore Sling Birthplace: The Raffles Hotel Singapore

We’ve all heard of the lost city of Atlantis. And then there are lost Rembrandts, lost causes, lost virginity – the list goes on… But lost cocktails?

The Singapore Sling certainly qualifies.

Due to its complexity and sketchy origins, the Singapore Sling is an enigma wrapped in mystique – an impression that is only enhanced by the type of alcoholic question marks we’re left with after an evening of experimental drinking.… Read More ...

Hump Day Happy Hour: Eggnog

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Eggnog - Humpday Happy Hour!Tis the season for holiday merry-making and in honor of Christmas Eve I decided to investigate the mystery of Eggnog. Despite its constant presence in holiday films and humongous grocery store displays, I’ve never been all that impressed… until now.

Sure, I’ve explored the contents of a few cartons of grocery store eggnog and while I’ve found that Luzerne brand is the best, it’s still not all that great…

What is Eggnog?

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