Cocktail Calendar

Cocktails are fun and we always enjoy finding inspiration to explore a new recipe, spirit or holiday. Not that we need a reason to create tasty drinks… but it’s always more fun when you create a story behind it. When we attempted to search the internet for a definitive cocktail calendar, we found little information so we’ve created this guide as a resource for cocktail-related days and events.

Off-Beat and Random Cocktail Events

With a sense of humor, we provide this list of non-standard holidays for the alcoholically inclined. For all we know some drunk monkey on the internet came up with these so we take absolutely no responsibility for them and make no claim whatsoever as to their legitimacy. But isn’t that what makes them fun?

This list is intended to be a changing document, so if you think that we’ve missed something (dubious or otherwise) give us a shout and we will definitely add it.

Cocktail EventDate
National Bloody Mary Day 1/1/2018
National Hot Toddy Day1/11/2018
18th Amendment 1/17/2018
National Hot Buttered Rum Day1/17/2018
Super Bowl2/4/2018
Mardi Gras2/13/2018
National Margarita Day2/22/2018
National Kahlua Day2/272018
National Mulled Wine Day3/3/2018
National Absinthe Day3/5/2018
Casimir Pluaski's Birthday (Revolutionary War Hero)3/6/2018
St. Patrick's Day3/17/2018
National Beer Day 4/7/2018
National Amaretto Day4/19/2018
National Picnic Day4/23/2018
Kentucky Derby5/5/2018
Cinco de Mayo5/5/2018
National Wine Day5/25/2018
National Mint Julep Day 5/30/2018
National Cognac Day6/4/2018
World Gin Day6/4/2018
National Bourbon Day6/14/2018
National Martini Day6/19/2018
National Anisette Day7/2/2018
Independence Day7/4/2018
National Pina Colada Day7/10/2018
National Mojito Day7/11/2018
National Grand Marnier Day7/14/2018
National Daiquiri Day7/19/2018
National Tequila Day7/24/2018
National Scotch Day7/27/2018
International Beer Day8/3/2018
International Hangover Day8/4/2018
National Rum Day 8/16/2018
National Whiskey Sour Day8/25/2018
National Bourbon Heritage Month (All Month)9/1/2018
National Rum Punch Day9/20/2018
National Drink A Beer Day9/28/2018
National Vodka Day10/4/2018
International Gin & Tonic Day10/19/2018
National Harvey Wallbanger Day11/8/2018
Repeal Day (The 21St Amendment Ends Prohibition)12/5/2018
National Egg Nog Day12/24/2018
National Champagne Day12/31/2018