Prevent a Nasty Late Night Mistake

standard August 25, 2014 Leave a response

Prevent a Nasty MistakeEveryone’s had a late night mistake where their inebriated state may have led to a walk of shame … But now you can save yourself from regret and social ridicule with the SoberGlasses™ App! Simply hold your iPhone or Android up as though you are going to take a picture of the person you met and instantly determine whether you might be making a decision you’ll regret in the morning.


Some may remember my prior post about whiskey flavored personal care products for alcoholics and this is another clever April Fool’s day product Caskers dreamed up earlier this year. Wouldn’t it be nice if a product like this prevented men and women alike from making tragically bad decisions? Nah…. Where would all the good stories come from then, eh?

Favorite Product Detail

One of my favorite product details for the SoberGlasses™ App is the following:

Usage Notes: Use SoberGlasses™ any time, day or night. Recommendations should appear in as little as 3 seconds. Due to increase usage between 2 AM – 5 AM, minor delays may occur.


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