Manly Cocktails

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Manly Cocktails: One Woman's Opinion

No matter if you’re having casual drinks at home or out with friends, a guy needs a set of go-to manly cocktails. In this post I’m going to break it down from a woman’s perspective.

A strong, confident man is attractive and I expect him to back that up with his drink of choice. The perfect example is my husband whose drink is a Rye Manhattan. Bold and fortifying, it’s a manly cocktail with a hint of refinement.

You’re Judged by Your Drink

Truth be told people judge you by what you’re drinking, so a handful of manly drinks is good to have in your back pocket. Today’s modern bar scene is a minefield that will instantly emasculate a man with poor judgment.

Of course if you don’t care you can simply flip the critics a one-finger salute and chug your Cosmopolitan, but that’s a decision you’ll have to make.

My Criteria for a Manly Cocktail

Needless to say the definition of a manly cocktail is subjective, but let me give you my girl’s eye view on what it is. Totally imperfect and full of flaws, you can’t argue because it’s my opinion. But if you want to drop the hammer, do it in the comments below.

Muscular Spirits

Some liquors are simply more masculine than others; generally manly cocktails include at least one. Tequila drinks and Whisky cocktails are definitely high on the manly scale. Vodka and syrupy liqueurs aren’t. Gin I think it depends…

Pop Culture Flair

Love it or hate it popular culture has a dramatic effect on our drinking habits. Manly bar drinks can be defined by the individuals that consume them. I love me some vintage Sean Connery 007 and he’s defined the manly martini. And no matter your position on cultural icon Ernest Hemingway, whatever he drank is manly. He made the traditional daiquiri a manly cocktail by himself.

Old School Cool

I don’t care what anyone says, because classic cocktails are manly. Generally boozy and uncomplicated, there’s power in simplicity and what man doesn’t want to be powerful?

My Manly Cocktail Meter

Now that I’ve set my baseline criteria for manly cocktails, let’s take a look at a handful of mixed drinks to identify a Manliness Quotient for each.

  • The Old Fashioned Cocktail

    Manly Old Fashioned Cocktail

    Whisky cocktails are cool and Mad Men’s Don Draper has propelled this one into the stratosphere. This classic cocktail originated in the 1600s.

    Ingredients: Whiskey, Sugar, Water, Bitters

    Manly Cocktail Meter: 7

  • The Jack Rose Cocktail

    Manly Jack Rose Cocktail

    An alternative to the crushingly boozy cocktail, the Jack Rose is fruitier than some but its appearance in Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” gives it instant credibility with the ladies.

    Ingredients: Applejack, Grenadine, Lemon Juice

    Manly Cocktail Meter: 4

Be Your Own Manly Man

Certainly you need to enjoy your cocktails, but you can be your own manly man by finding a few that taste great and set you apart from the sickening collection of sensitive guys sipping estrogen charged cocktails. Take my approach personalize it to your taste and you’re sure to assemble a collection of manly cocktails that will impress anyone.



A Native of Rochester, NY, Kristen enjoys cross-country skiing, gardening and an occasional cocktail. Although a fairly new home bartender, she's learning a lot and afflicting her husband with an assortment of ungodly creations.