Fireball Whiskey Cam Video

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Fireball Whiskey Cam VideoSometimes you just need to appreciate a great video and this is one of those times…

What’ll happen when you combine a GoPro Camera, some creative friends, a wedding and a 1.75 Liter bottle of Fireball Whiskey? This Fireball Whiskey Cam Video that follows participants and guests throughout the wedding day.

From the unique perspective of the GoPro camera, to the pained facial expressions and even the types of locations we’ve all experienced at weddings, this video is hilarious. Of course I love the young father taking a pull on the Fireball with a baby in his arms.

The Fireball Video


Even Better: An Explanation of Fireball Whiskey

While I was thoroughly entertained by the Fireball Whiskey Cam Video, I think I enjoyed the description of Fireball by Ian Hoppe on even more:

Fireball, a cinnamon flavored whisky that has rallied in the last few years to replace Jägermeister as the default shot for college kids and/or people who have lost their sense of taste in tragic pizza accidents…

That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Add to that a European recall due to high levels of the sweetening ingredient propylene glycol (also found in anti-freeze) and it really makes me want to run out and get a handle


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