Drink Preferences: Men vs Women

standard September 11, 2014 Leave a response

Gender Drink PreferencesHave you ever wondered about the taste preference between the sexes? Well I hadn’t either until I stumbled across this Infographic. While the results are not stunning, the fact that marketing is behind drink preferences is. Ultimately, you should drink what you enjoy and not worry too much about what somebody else might think.

Between knuckle-dragger advertising and unappealing flavors, it’s no wonder that men drink much more beer than women. However the craft brewers across the US currently have female consumers in their sights.Gender Preference for Beer
I’m surprised. While I would expect that more women than men would be enjoying a cocktail, I didn’t think that it would be this great. That said, I’m comfortable with my personal sexuality.Gender Preference for Mixed Drinks
This must be a holdover from college age drinkers, because I don’t see too many women older than 25 pounding shots in our area establishments. What do you think?Gender Preference for Shots
Again, this result seems to be a byproduct of marketing. In Girly & Manly Drinks: Do They Really Exist? it’s suggested that stereotypical adds help differentiate their products and make advertising memorable. Not sure I agree, but then I remembered a recent ad for Captain Morgan. Arrgh!Gender Preference for Straight Liquor
I’m not sure I believe that the difference is this big. In a recent survey, men and women were closely aligned in when and why they drink. However it was found that women identify with the social benefits of wine and drink less when they’re alone. Apparently men are lushes.Gender Preference for Wine


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