Tiki Drinks for the Beginner

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Tiki Drinks for Beginners

Tiki drinks have always looked like a lot of fun, but frankly I never knew where to start. The stuff of 50s kitsch and pop culture, they seemed to be as mysterious as the question Who Created the Mai Tai?.

Well after a little research and experimentation, Tiki drinks are still just as cool but a little less mysterious.… Read More ...

Cocktail Ice: 3 Basic Types

standard May 26, 2015 2 responses
Ice Cube Basics

No matter your level of expertise, cocktail ice is the one ingredient that home bartenders most often overlook. Sure, we all focus on our special liquors, mixers and garnishes, but cocktail ice performs more than one function; it chills, it dilutes, brings different flavors together and mellows an otherwise strong alcoholic base..… Read More ...

The Cherry Heering Sour

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The Cherry Heering Sour

To the beginning bartender, few things are more disappointing than a mixology meltdown. You know, when “the epic cocktail” you carefully prepare falls apart and takes on a nauseating cough syrup flavor reminiscent of Kool-Aid. That was my greatest fear when a home mixologist friend grabbed a bottle of Cherry Heering during a recent liquor run.… Read More ...