Hemingway’s Cocktails: A Pickled Poet

standard February 29, 2016 Leave a response

Authors and alcohol have always had a strained relationship, but there is perhaps no American author more known for boozy bar brawls and extra-strength libations than Ernest Hemingway. A veteran of World War I and a correspondent during both the Spanish Civil War and World War II, Hemingway surely saw enough of the world’s darkness to seek solace in liquor, but unlike many other authors, his indulgence was often very public.… Read More ...

How To Order Cocktails (not) Like a Novice

standard May 19, 2015 2 responses


As is the case with most things in this world, there are rules. And, like it or not, there are some rules that go along with ordering a cocktail.

Sixteen year old me, with my Doc Martens, ripped jeans and Black Flag shirt would definitely salute thirty eight year old me with a black nail-polished middle finger if he heard me talking about rules.… Read More ...