Bad Taste: 5 Terrible Liquor Favors

standard September 28, 2014 Leave a response

Terrible Liquor FlavorsHaving recently become more interested in cocktails, I’ve done a lot of research on spirits. Although I’ve focused on basics like gin, Bourbon, Rye and the like, I’ve encountered some liquor flavors that sound just plain wrong.

Here are a few of the lowlights that really have me questioning American drinkers’ palates.


  • Dill Pickle Flavored Vodka

    Dill Pickle Flavored Vodka

    Infused vodkas are all the rage and I do get it. I can understand infusing your own vodka with fruit, botanicals and vegetables, but buying an entire bottle of Dill Pickle vodka is taking it to another level.  I suppose that this could be good for Bloody Marys or another savor cocktail, but would you actually consume an entire bottle? This would be a dust collector for me.

  • Froot Loops Flavored Vodka

    Froot Loops Flavored Vodka

    I’m not sure that this is what Toucan Sam has in mind when he’s talking about his Froot Loops, but Three Olives now has Loopy vodka. Shocked that this would even be considered by most people, I was further surprised to find that only 10% of the 100s reviews I read were negative. Did I mention that the average age of the reviewers was 13?


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