About The Cocktail Novice

The Cocktail Novice offers Basics for the Beginning Boozesmith. Produced by friends interested in learning more about cocktails and cocktail culture, this blog was developed after we couldn’t find a solid guide that covers topics like mixology, history and drunken antics. Sure there are a lot of great websites, but it was impossible to find everything we were looking for in one place. As a result we created The Cocktail Novice as a repository for everything we’ve learned as well as interesting stories and entertaining tidbits gleened from the internets. We have a lot of fun putting it together and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

Cocktail Novice Contributors

Bill Rowland
Historically a fan of craft beer and wine, I recently wanted to expand my beverage rotation. Armed with little more that the ability to make an amateurish Gin & Tonic, I’ve set out to learn more about the world of cocktails, bartending and the mystique that surrounds it.
Bill Rowland
Anthony Moore
Recently I’ve decided that the taste of a whiskey sour is way better than that of a Miller Lite. With this revelation came my foray into learning the in’s and out’s of cocktails and the booze that builds them. All in the name of inebriation…er…education.
Anthony Moore
Are you a Cocktail Novice, bartending professional or just interested in learning more about the world of cocktail culture? We invite you to contact us if you’re interested in contributing to the blog. Whether it’s simply describing your mixology experience, telling entertaining bar stories, or just calling out alcohol-fueled foolishness found on the net, we welcome your contribution.

Kinda Disclosure Statement

The Cocktail Novice is written by a handful of totally unqualified aspiring mixologists. We maintain this blog without compensation, but that may change someday. Should that ever occur, we’ve prepared a real legal-like disclosure statement here.