8 Drunk Personality Types

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8 Drunk Personality Types for New Year's EveA New Year’s Eve party brings out entertaining personality quirks. Often entertaining and occasionally cringe-worthy, these personalities always seem to show up at events. And since New Year’s Eves tends to bring out the amateur drinkers, they tend to stand out like a sore thumb. So as I try to recover from last night’s party, here are the 8 Types of Drunk Personalities I encountered.

Drunk Personality Types: The Big 8

  • The Happy Drunk

    Happy Drunk Personality Type

    Perhaps the most fun to be around, The Happy Drunk is amiable and outgoing. Everything is funny to The Happy Drunk, who enjoys everyone around them. But if you’re sober, beware! They can be annoying as hell.

  • The Clumsy Drunk

    Clumsy Drunk Personality Type

    No matter if they’re naturally awkward or alcohol just brings it out in them, The Clumsy Drunk can be both a source of entertainment and irritation. A miscalculated attempt at sitting down or the obligatory dance floor mishap notwithstanding, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Hopefully you’re not on the receiving end of a spilled glass of red wine or worse…


Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or a routine night out on the town, one of these 8 Drunk Personality Types always seems to make an appearance. Often entertaining and sometimes irritating, we all have our own…

Which Drunk Personality are you? Confess to one of the above, or devise one of your own drunk personalities in the comments below.


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